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"Music helps so many of us, and if I can be helping people with my own experiences, I think it’s wonderful." -AKA V (Vanessa Huneault)​


One of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences that an artist can have is that moment when they share their creation with the world. Thankfully, AKA V (Vanessa Huneault) was brave enough to overcome any obstacles in her way and emerge with her beautiful debut single "Always Go Home."


I recently conducted an interview with AKA V in which she shared her first hair-raising experience with performing live, changing life paths, and blazing boldly forward.




AKA V on Croydon Radio

With a songwriting style that reminds of brilliant female artists such as Sheryl Crow or Shania Twain and a vocal interpretation which hints on Gwen Stefani, Aka V has all the right ingredients for a promising start in the industry.

ALWAYS GO HOME - The short film

Coming to all digital platforms soon!

Know Me Better Interview

How did you get your initial start in music?


 I got my initial start with the band OzGoode. They had a national tour booked and their singer let them down. I automatically connected with them and had an awesome tour. So much that we went on a second Canadian tour a few months later.

Watch "Always Go Home" Official Lyric Video

BEHIND THE SCENES from the "Always Go Home" music video shoot.

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Buzz Jack Review:

Raised in a small non-English-speaking town in Quebec, Canadian singer-songwriter AKA V moved to Ontario aged 20 and learnt how to speak English fluently, later moving to Toronto to start a music career. She’s always been an independent spirit. However, with the freedom of independence can often come a sense of vulnerability, this being the theme of AKA V’s latest pensive pop-rock single.


Powerful Single Set For Success By Solo Artist AKA V


The single ‘Always Go Home’ by AKA V was inspired by her own story of leaving home and aiming to fulfil her goals. 

Unsigned Interview

 When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you?

I got into music when I was 4 years old. I started singing and about a year later started piano lessons. My grandmother was a piano teacher and played accordion, she was my main inspiration.

AKA V releases new single ALWAYS GO HOME

With a beautiful and catchy song portrayal of what life is like growing up and pursuing one’s dreams, Canadian singer- songwriter Aka V is embarking upon a bright future as a musician